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The Best Gear in the Industry

Our Equipment is all top of the line, and is fully backed up. We use only the best speakers, amplifiers, computers and other gear to make sure we deliver great sound quality every night. Brands like Cerwin Vega, JBL, Crown, Numark, AKG, Chauvet, and American DJ, can assure you we have better than the industry standard on all of our equipment. With almost 8,000 watts of sound and the ability to add more power through active speakers, we can perform at any size venue.

From the first beat you will know this company is serious about quality sound. With speakers that can rock any venue. Starting with our low end 21" Cerwin Vega's. They offer tremendous and exceptional low frequency response. The CVA-121 represents an industry milestone, as its the first 1200-watt (2400-watt peak), 21" active subwoofer. Not only does it sound great but the looks have a purpose. The unique and striking cast aluminum grille doubles as a speaker heat sink, enabling these woofers to play longer and harder than anything else in their class. When it comes to lighting, using all L.E.D. lighting & ultra bright lasers puts us in an elite group of DJ companies. These low temperature, durable lights make our light shows have the ability to go for hours, and change from a soft romantic feel, to a club scene, all in the same night.

What the Industry experts are saying:

"Without question, one of the hottest trends in event design is the use of decorative lighting. Lighting can create some beauty in an otherwise bland or unremarkable ballroom, or it can accentuate the features of an attractive ballroom. Each person renting an event space has a different vision of how they want it to look for their event, and incorporating lighting into the design scheme is a very effective and dramatic way to achieve that vision. Furthermore, the visual aesthetics work in tandem with the subtle psychological impact of colored light to evoke an emotional response from the guests. For example, you can make people feel cooler with the use of blues and greens; and you can make them feel warmer by using reds, oranges, and ambers. The extraordinary impact goes beyond just the visual!"